Episode 06: Going Green, Improved Processes and Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

February 26, 2019

Zak rounds up VaxPro’s co-founders, Steve and Jay, along with our IT Director DJ for another season of Wellness Talks. The conversation includes “Going Green at VaxPro”, vignettes from DJ about how he is implementing new IT tools at VaxPro to improve process efficiency and a lively discussion about flu vaccine effectiveness.

Sound by Nye Audio, LLC.

Episode 05: Electronic Patient Data Plus Vignettes for the Upcoming Flu Season

August 22, 2018
  • DJ (IT Director) and Zak (Social Media & Marketing Manager) discuss the impact of technology for enhancing VaxPro’s process efficiency, moving towards a paperless environment and electronic processing of patient records for insurance claims and the WIR.
  • Jay (President) and Steve (Vice-President) discuss VaxPro’s emergence as a leading flu shot provider in Wisconsin along with vignettes about high-volume clinics, tips about syringes and treating patients. Also discussed is the best time to get a flu shot, the 2018 quadrivalent flu vaccine, healthcare benefits and our many “mitzvahs.”  The conversation includes Rock ‘N” Roll at Gathering on the Green, Jay’s 100-day potato diet and commuting to VaxPro on a bike.

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Episode 04: Getting Ready For The Upcoming Flu Season

June 26, 2018

Topics discussed in this conversating are:

  • Jay wraps up the 2017 flu season which reached epidemic proportions throughout the nation. Jay describes changes the CDC made in the 2018 flu vaccine along with recommendations for when to get vaccinated.
  • Camila discusses healthcare and flu shot programs in Brazil, which differs quite a bit from practices in the U.S.
  • DJ describes VaxPro’s move towards a paperless environment using mobile devices for onsite patient registration along with our HIPAA compliant database, insurance billing and patient data entry into the WIR.
  • Listen in as Lacey talks about recruiting talented nurses to join our team!

Episode 03: Influenza Education and Importance of Annual Flu Shots

June 7, 2018

Dr. Howie Gollup joins VaxPro’s “Wellness Talks” for a conversation about flu shots.  Dr. Gollup recently retired from his medical practice at Aurora Advanced Healthcare in Germantown, Wisconsin, where he preached disease prevention through routine vaccinations. Topics discussed are:

  • Howie’s expertise with flu vaccinations
  • Wisconsin’s flu epidemic in  2018
  • Designing a better flu vaccine is challenging
  • Influenza vs. stomach flu
  • Many mitzvahs (good deeds)
  • Howie plays Summerfest with Lovin’ Kind

Episode 02: Introduction to Wellness Talks

May 15, 2018

In part 2 of our introduction podcast, here are the topics below:

  • Summertime in Milwaukee, Wisconsin includes car racing, golf and bicycle riding
  • Healthy tips from vitamin D to sunscreen and fish oil
  • Wine and chocolate for improving health
  • Biometric screening as a diagnostic tool for cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Benefit of TB testing

Episode 01: Introduction to Wellness Talks

May 15, 2018

In part 1 of our introduction podcast, Zak Nye interviews the VaxPro staff about creating VaxPro and our new podcast series called Wellness Talks.

  • Getting to know VaxPro's history and staff
  • Wellness Talks was conceived on Maui at Lahaina Harbor
  • Podcast takeaways: vitamins, nutrition, education
  • VaxPro has never missed a flu shot clinic!