Wellness Talks

Episode 08: How To Keep Your Employees Healthy

May 22, 2019

For this edition of Wellness Talks, Zak finds VaxPro founders, Steve Nye and Jay Plavnick, at the Society for Human Resources Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting to discuss “How to Keep Your Employees Healthy” at the Godfrey & Kahn offices in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The conversation includes a vignette about the Milwaukee Bucks and how they keep their players healthy, especially throughout this year’s playoff run. The discussion then turns to how VaxPro and other SIG participants keep their employees happy and healthy. Jay reviews the eight most expensive employee health conditions along with potentially catastrophic threats like influenza and tuberculosis. Steve points out that future wellness programs may include harnessing genomic tools for implementing pharmacogenetics and nutrigenomics programs.

Special thank you to Nye Audio, LLC for producing this episode.

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