Wellness Talks

Episode 05: Electronic Patient Data Plus Vignettes for the Upcoming Flu Season

August 22, 2018
  • DJ (IT Director) and Zak (Social Media & Marketing Manager) discuss the impact of technology for enhancing VaxPro’s process efficiency, moving towards a paperless environment and electronic processing of patient records for insurance claims and the WIR.
  • Jay (President) and Steve (Vice-President) discuss VaxPro’s emergence as a leading flu shot provider in Wisconsin along with vignettes about high-volume clinics, tips about syringes and treating patients. Also discussed is the best time to get a flu shot, the 2018 quadrivalent flu vaccine, healthcare benefits and our many “mitzvahs.”  The conversation includes Rock ‘N” Roll at Gathering on the Green, Jay’s 100-day potato diet and commuting to VaxPro on a bike.

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